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Devin has been in the Rodent Proofing and Construction industry 12+ years. Rayanne has been in the Real Estate industry for 4+ years. Finding a company to help you is easy, but finding one that is dedicated to helping, and that is honest, hardworking, and always has your best interests at heart is what can be challenging- but, you have found us!


Family Owned & Operated.

Established in 2019.

After witnessing first-hand, declining standards in the Rodent Proofing and Construction industries, My wife and I started A1 Rodent Proofing. We wanted to form a company that shared their commitment to quality work and customer service. We thrive to help your families and always aim to treat each and every one of your homes like our own. We understand the frustration of a rodent infestation, and want to make this process as easy and worry-free as possible. We are very proud of our quick growth and aim to earn your business!

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